Aperture Education creates free 2020 Winter SEL Guide

Aperture Education creates free 2020 Winter SEL Guide

This has been a difficult year for both teachers and students. Winter break offers a chance for everyone to relax and recharge. To help support the social-emotional wellbeing of teachers and students during the break, Aperture Education is offering a free downloadable 2020 Winter SEL Guide. It includes tips to support social-emotional well-being, cope with loss and grief, and keep academics on track. Also included is advice to help everyone de-stress over break and create a plan to start the New Year strong. Articles include:

  • 10 Tips to Help Students Manage Anxiety and Stress During the Holidays
  • 10 SEL Activities for Educators to De-Stress Over Winter Break
  • 4 Ways to Start the New Year Strong

The Guide also provides SEL-related ideas and resources to support virtual learning.

To download the free guide visit https://bit.ly/34D0KTN

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