Aperture Education CEO Jessica Adamson Named Board Treasurer of SEL Providers Association

Treasurer to support organization as they address group’s priorities for education

The SEL Providers Association (SELPA) has named Aperture Education’s Chief Executive Officer, Jessica Adamson, to its board, serving in the role of treasurer for the organization. This will be Adamson’s second year supporting SELPA, which was previously known as the SEL Providers Council. Aperture was also a founding member of the organization.

Student and educator social, emotional, and academic learning continues to be a key focus for schools and districts, especially with the continued stress caused by dealing with the pandemic. Because of this, it is critically important for thought leaders in the field to collectively champion the benefits of social and emotional learning (SEL). Launched in 2019 and established as an independent nonprofit association in 2021, SELPA aims to advance high-quality SEL implementation by bringing together SEL providers for networking, shared learning, collective promotion, and advocacy.

“The need for social and emotional learning programs is greater than ever and the SEL Providers Association has been an invaluable resource for companies like ours as we work to support schools, districts, and out-of-school time programs in this important work,” said Adamson. “I’m proud to serve for a second term on the board of directors for this passionate group of providers.”

Aperture’s SEL assessment, the DESSA, provides data to help schools and out-of-school time organizations better understand students’ social and emotional skills and needs. Aperture also provides growth strategies to support students’ SEL development, hosts an SEL professional development conference, and offers free resources such as webinars, white papers, and downloadable teacher guides to help support SEL in schools. Aperture Education has served more than 2 million students and 128,000 educators in over 800 school districts.

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