APA Foundation Launches “Mentally Healthy Nation” Podcast to Engage, Educate Public 

Let’s Talk about the Impacts of the Current Mental Health Crisis

On World Mental Health Day, the American Psychiatric Association Foundation (APAF) is launching a new monthly podcast to engage the public in conversations about the current mental health crisis. Each episode of Mentally Healthy Nation will be centered around an aspect of mental health that impacts the community, where people live, learn, work and worship.

“One of the most important things we can do to help ease the stigma of mental illness and to reach a more mentally healthy nation is to turn up the volume on the issue,” said APAF Executive Director Rawle Andrews, Jr., Esq. “This is a time in our country when everyone is feeling the impacts of stress, and many are dealing with depression, anxiety, substance use disorders or other mental health disorders. We want to keep the conversation going and meet people where they are, and these podcasts are the logical next step in our education and outreach efforts.”

“APAF stands at the center of many important conversations on mental health because it’s informed by APA’s psychiatrist members,” said APAF Board Chair and APA CEO and Medical Director Saul Levin, M.D., M.P.A. “The Mentally Healthy Nation podcast is going to give many of our best and brightest members and other experts the chance to talk about psychiatric issues in a way that will engage and educate the public.”

APAF is highlighting two podcast episodes that launch this week to kick off this important dialogue. Today, listen to the first episode entitled Trauma’s Impact and What Communities Can Do. This episode includes a candid conversation between a child and adolescent forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Anish Dube, and a juvenile court judge, Theresa Dellick, addressing possible ways to keep young people who’ve experienced trauma from entering the criminal justice system.

Launching on National Coming Out Day, there will be a discussion of the new documentary, “CURED,” which highlights a pivotal moment in the APA’s history when activists and psychiatrists challenged the classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder. Joining that discussion will be Jacki Lyden, writer, journalist and recipient of the APA’s 2021 Patient Advocacy Award; the film’s co-director, Patrick Sammon; CEO and Medical Director of the APA, Dr. Saul Levin; medical journalist and psychiatry fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Jack Turban; and one of our podcast hosts, APA Foundation Archivist and Librarian, Deena Gorland.

Visit to learn more about future podcast topics. All episodes will be available on the APAF website and on the top podcast platforms.

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