Annual Survey Highlights Educators’ Embrace of ST Math, Created by MIND Education


More than four out of five teachers agreed that ST Math improves students’ attitudes, confidence, engagement, and understanding of math, regardless of their background

MIND Education, an organization dedicated to ensuring that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems, today released the results of its annual ST Math Teacher Survey, conducted by MIND Research Institute, its social impact organization specializing in education and neuroscience research.

Each spring, MIND sends out an annual survey to educators who use ST Math, a program created by MIND Education, to find out how the tool is delivering value, to guide future research and development, and to benchmark the understandings and beliefs of the teachers they serve. ST Math’s evidence-based approach uses visual, interactive play-based learning through problem-solving to deepen students’ understanding of foundational mathematical concepts. 

This year’s survey found that ST Math stands out to teachers for its ability to achieve what traditional, language-heavy math instruction cannot. It reaches all types of students, engages them deeply in math lessons they genuinely enjoy, and motivates them to persist, succeed, and grow in confidence, all while enhancing their understanding of mathematics and improving their academic scores.

This year, 5,400 educators from across the U.S. responded to the survey, and the overwhelming majority of them cited the positive impact ST Math has on their students. Some highlights include:

  • 85.8% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that ST Math increases their students’ engagement in math learning;
  • 81.2% agreed or strongly agreed that ST Math deepens their students’ understanding about how math works;
  • 80.8% said they agreed or strongly agreed that ST Math helps their students of diverse backgrounds and abilities improve their math understanding;
  • 81.9% agreed or strongly agreed that ST Math improves their students’ attitudes about math and math learning; and
  • 81.1% said they agreed or strongly agreed that ST Math improves their students’ confidence in their mathematical abilities.

“I’m very pleased to share our annual spring survey’s results back to teachers and the market for the first time,” said Andrew Coulson, chief data science officer for MIND Research. “Getting a feel for where the vast majority of their fellow teachers are seeing value, validates the confidence of our experienced users. The most satisfactory finding to me in 2024 is the overwhelming agreement that ST Math is helping students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. Our non-conventional approach is designed for every human brain and how it learns. All brains, full stop. It’s very gratifying to see this ST Math value earn the second highest ‘strongly agree’ response, after our hallmark student engagement!

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