Annual Student Contest

Annual Student Contest

As educators, we know you’re looking for activities that cultivate critical thinking skills in your students and engagement in your classroom—our essay and video student contests fit the bill. They help encourage good writing and creative skills, while digging deep into important issues of the day. Covering important topics such as individual freedom, human progress, and social activism, your students can select from three engaging topics and share their perspectives with us.

All entries are accepted on our website, making them perfect for any teaching environment—in-person, distance learning, or homeschooling. Plus, students can upload their entries themselves, simplifying participation for you!

With two engaging contests and valuable awards available for your students and you—it can be win-win all the way around!

About the Contests

Essay Contest: Write a 500 to 1,000 word essay

Video Contest: Produce a 1- to 3-minute video

Submission Deadline for Both Contests: March 11, 2022

See our video for teachers here: