Alma Technologies Rapidly Deploys Functionality to Meet New Educational Needs

Alma Unveils Distance Learning Features for Enhanced Teacher/Student/Parent Communication and Tracking

PORTLAND, Ore. (March 23, 2020) – Alma Student Information Services (SIS) is proud to announce its latest platform update offering improved Distance Tracking and Distance Learning with access to real-time virtual classrooms, homework assignments and curriculum resources. Alma understands teachers are working on a daily basis to keep students engaged and on track, particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The newest Distance Learning feature, allows students to quickly and easily attend class, so school systems can maintain their schedule while students learn from home.

Alma’s flexible platform provides their engineering and product teams the tremendous advantage to rapidly deploy new functionality and communication tools. Alma built upon its existing message functionality; expanding communication abilities for teachers and students transitioning to online learning. Committed to enhancing options to share information and quickly deliver concise lesson instructions, Alma is hyper focused on ensuring students stay on course and teachers can easily share information, offer office hours and track student’s daily progress. Alma’s improved “D​ ue Today”​ feature is now highlighted on the student’s personalized homepage and is accessible for parents who are wondering, ​“What is my student supposed to be doing today?”​

“​To help ease the transition to Distance Learning, we are focused on empowering teachers with tools to easily communicate with students and families. Anything we can do to save teachers time and stress is our number one priority​.” says Elizabeth Long, Alma’s VP of Customer Engagement and co-founder.

Alma’s existing SIS tools support the new demands of today’s educational landscape. With school closures, indefinite return dates and decentralized learning centers, it’s more critical than ever to disseminate information and engage with students in real-time. The improved messaging and scheduling feature gives educators the framework and the increased flexibility to implement their best teaching models to meet their students’ varying demands and maintain student progress.

“Alma’s software iterations are a day-to-day process and we are passionate about having the unique ability to rapidly change and deploy our product plans to react to the new learning demands,” says Andrew Herman, CEO and Founder of Alma. “Alma currently features a comprehensive platform for Distance Learning, but after listening to educators feedback, our team quickly pivoted our schedule, designing and implementing a new tracking feature and link sharing functionality that can better support schools who are at various stages of impact, whether they have already transitioned to online learning or are in contingency planning.”

Alma is aimed at helping bridge the gap of information between school and parents and students. In response to COVID-19, Alma also turned on all messaging services and features for all customers at zero cost, for those who were not already taking advantage of the feature. Currently, Alma is the only SIS offering real-time software upgrades to meet the evolving virtual classroom needs.

About Alma Technologies, Inc.

Alma builds critical SIS tooling that significantly improves school operations and empowers educators to foster better student outcomes. to create the greatest generation of educators, so that they can create the greatest generation of students.
Alma provides a flexible, scalable solution that can work for any district or school, and any budget. To learn more about Alma and its features, or to request a demo, visit or contact​


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