Alma Announces System Upgrades to its Student Information System

Alma offers a Spanish version of its parent and student portals and adds new features to make it easier for districts to onboard schools and use third party apps

Alma Student Information System (SIS) has updated its award-winning SIS platform with several new features to support schools and families this school year. Upgrades include the addition of Navigator to help schools transition to Alma, the App Center to integrate third party apps, and Multilingual Parent and Student Portals which allow families to use the Spanish version of the portals to register their children and access their grades. The upgrades are all available now to start the new school year.

“Alma’s upgrades make the onboarding and overall day-to-day SIS experience for schools and districts even better, and also support our mission of increasing educational equity, inclusion and family engagement,” said Andrew Herman, CEO and Founder of Alma. “If schools and districts learned anything in 2020, it’s that technology demands on educators and parents are greater than ever. We are creating tools such as the App Center to make it easier for educators to use the apps they love while using their student information system.  And we are improving access to student information for Spanish speaking families making Alma a comprehensive SIS solution for schools.”

What’s new:

  • Navigator, among the market’s first in-app SIS implementation guides, helps schools more easily switch to the Alma SIS system, dramatically reducing migration headaches and setup time. Navigator provides users with step-by-step onboarding instructions, project management tools, and shows the progress of the migration. Alma’s Navigator offers exceptional project management that leads users through the configuration and data migration process from beginning to end. Schools and districts can set-up project plans to assign tasks (such as setting up the GPA scales, class schedules, or LMS integrations) to various team members. Users with proper permissions can track the status of everyone’s tasks and the Navigator Dashboard displays detailed progress by school and for each subcategory. With Navigator, the potentially chaotic endeavor of switching to a new SIS is transformed into an orderly set of tasks accompanied by clear instructions, with timing based on the needs of the school or district – not the SIS.
  • App Center which allows districts to easily integrate third-party apps into the SIS. Administrators simply select their desired application from Alma’s Vendor Library and select which schools’ files and data to share and how often the information is updated by Alma. Administrators can easily add apps to the Alma Vendor Library and they can use the Integrations Dashboard to view the setup and day-to-day use of the applications. The App Center eliminates the need for users to choose between an SIS and a third-party app that is central to their school function, making Alma a comprehensive SIS solution.
  • Multilingual Parent and Student Portals which help improve access and engagement for families who speak languages other than English. Students and families will have immediate access to the portals in Spanish, with other language options available soon. The update includes the AlmaStart enrollment and registration feature, as well as the AlmaNow portal for mobile devices which allows families to access the system in either Spanish or English to register their child and to view their academic progress on a mobile device. The portals are built on a framework that supports multiple languages and Alma works directly with professional translators to achieve correct syntax and the most accurate translation available.

Schools and districts use ALMA for comprehensive student information management, including admissions, scheduling, course management, reporting, staff and family communications, and standards management. ALMA’s features and functions help schools and districts future-proof their student information systems and practices and focus on the whole student.

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