All-in-one E-Learning Solution for Effective and Engaging Remote Learning Available at No Cost


Eko is an all-in-one platform for both web and mobile that helps students, teachers and parents stay connected, communicate and stay productive. At no cost, we can get this up and running within one week and continue to offer it with no fees during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Key Product Features

  • Real-time communications (1:1 and group chats, voice and video calls, broadcasts)
  • Communities
  • Real-time projects and tasks management
  • Knowledge-sharing


  • Keep your students, teachers and parents informed and with a direct line of communication
  • Decrease the feeling of isolation by creating communities that can increase interactions on a more “social” level
  • Collaboration on projects in real time as well as assigning tasks
  • Virtual library to hold all relevant information for ease of access

True Corporation, Thailand’s largest telecommunications conglomerate, has launched the white-label “True Virtual World: powered by Eko, featuring the virtual learning subset “V Learn”.

The platform is being offered at no cost to schools and universities to use for seamless transition to online learning during the Covid-19 outbreak. The ability to connect virtual classrooms of up to 1,500 participants, digitally assign homework, share learning materials and take exams online has proven transformational for both students and teachers.

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