ALAS Executive Director Dr. Maria Armstrong Invited to Speak at Courageous Conversation® Event

Armstrong to speak about the power of story and the need for more multicultural books and resources in schools

Dr. Maria Armstrong, executive director of the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS), will speak at the 2024 Courageous Conversation ® Cumbre event which takes place April 17-20, 2024 in Houston, Texas.  She will speak about the power of story and the importance of having multicultural resources in schools.

Courageous Conversation ® provides training, coaching and consulting services for millions of racial equity leaders around the world. Cumbre 2024 is the organization’s annual convening of people interested in developing skill, will, knowledge and capacity to lead for racial equity for Latinx communities.

After attending the event last year, Armstrong was invited to speak at this year’s event. She will use the opportunity to discuss book bans, the power of story in elevating the voices of multicultural children and families, and the need to have more multicultural resources in schools.

“It’s important for children, especially those who come from multicultural backgrounds, to be able to share their stories – and it’s equally important for others to have opportunities to hear those stories,” said Armstrong. “We need to lift up the storytellers and celebrate the stories that make us who we are. That means getting more culturally-relevant books and resources into schools. In an era where texts are being scrutinized like never before, these conversations need to be happening now at schools and districts across the country – and they need to lead to action.”

ALAS has long been a supporter of improved availability and access to educational materials – books, textbooks, online materials, media and more – in which Latinos are represented, along with other historically marginalized ethnicities. The association partnered with Scholastic to help them develop “Rising Voices: Elevating Latino Stories,” a collection of books for grades K-5 which showcases positive images of Latino protagonists. Armstrong served as one of the mentors for the project, providing insight and guidance during the development of the collection.

Cumbre 2024 takes place April 17-20, 2024 in Houston. For more information about the event or to register to attend, visit

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