Partner With the American Consortium for Equity in Education

Marketing and Advertising partnershipsSince 2018, the American Consortium for Equity in Education has been providing a mission-driven multimedia platform entirely focused on equity and access in education. During that time, we have:

  • Built a loyal and engaged audience of visitors, followers and subscribers
  • Published more than 1,000 articles by experts in the equity space
  • Broadcast nearly 1,500 Education Talk Radio podcast episodes
  • Produced dozens of issues of the Equity & Access digital magazine
  • Launched the Excellence in Equity Awards program, now in its third year
  • Shared more than 1,600 equity-focused press releases and announcements

If you provide products, services or content promoting equitable and inclusive learning environments, we’d love to partner with you! We can customize our marketing packages to meet your needs and budget. Here are a few things we offer:

Sponsor the Education Talk Radio Podcast

  • Reaches thousands of educators, administrators and business leaders weekly.
  • Running for more than a decade; most episodes get more than 1,200 listens.
  • Podchaser ranks Education Talk Radio in the top 10% of K-12 education podcasts.
  • On Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pandora, Player.FM, Spotify, Stitcher and YouTube.
  • We also develop thought leadership articles from interviews (example here).

Share Press Releases & Articles on the Contributor Platform

  • Publish unlimited content (for an example, click here to see a dedicated archive page).
  • Share unlimited press releases—yours will be displayed at the top of the News page.
  • Appear in the list of content contributors and on your own page of equity-focused content.

Other Services Available

  • A banner in the rotation at the top of every page.
  • Professionally written leadership profiles and topic-focused Q&A pieces.
  • Opportunities to sponsor the Excellence in Equity Awards program

… and lots more!

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