A Message From Publisher Larry Jacobs

Good day,

This is an invitation and a call to action to the education industry.

You believe in EQUITY & ACCESS for all children these days—I’d bet on that. 

At, we’ve been screaming about equity and access PreK-12 since 2018. Now, it’s the greatest challenge in education.

We are now, and always have been, the only media platform in the PreK-12 education space that’s laser-focused on equity and access.

We have our powerful AC&E (Accessibility, Compliance & Equity) online journal… we have our website…we have our podcasts… and now we have started the American Consortium for Equity in Education as a forum for the industry, where PreK-12 educators can share ideas, stories, solutions and suggestions.

Click over right here and fill out the quick form to join the Consortium. NO CHARGE. ITS FREE TO JOIN. We want your voice included.

Why? Because now it’s more important than ever that you show PreK-12 that what you do… and what you stand for.. really matters. Educators need to know that you’re supporting them, and they need to know NOW!

We’ll get your messages (press releases, literal voice via our podcasts, articles, ads, research or whatever) out to more than 150,000 PreK-12 educators who are working harder than ever in this time of crisis. They need you now. We need you now. Join with us! And feel free to contact Maia Appleby, Executive Director, with any questions.

Thank you,
LARRY JACOBS Publisher & President/Host of Education Talk Radio
Email Larry or call him at 978.712.8187

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