9/22 Webinar Featuring Expert on Workplace Culture Shares Strategies for School Leaders

Vector Solutions’ webinar “Becoming an Ally: How School Leaders Can Support an Inclusive School Culture” discusses allies, microaggressions, codes of conduct and more 

Helping students and staff feel respected and protected can go a long way toward creating a positive school environment where learning can thrive. To support schools in doing this, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of training and software solutions to help schools make their operations and communities safer, smarter and better, has partnered with workplace culture expert Catherine Mattice for a free webinar on how to build inclusive school environments.

The webinar “Becoming an Ally: How School Leaders Can Support an Inclusive School Culture,” takes place at 2 p.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021. To register, visit The webinar will also be available on demand.

“It’s up to everyone – teachers, school staff, principals and administrators – to help create school environments that are welcoming and support inclusion,” said Vector Solutions Director of Product Management John Abner. “This webinar is a great opportunity for schools and districts to get actionable strategies from a leading expert on how to do this to help make their schools safer places for both students and staff.”

Catherine Mattice is founder and CEO of Civility Partners, an HR consulting firm focused on helping organizations create respectful workplace cultures. Mattice is an award-winning speaker, author and blogger, and has authored numerous Vector Training courses for K-12 educators and staff in the areas of Human Resources, Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion, and more. In the webinar Mattice will discuss ways to be an ally in creating an inclusive school environment, including becoming aware of one’s own personal communication style and how it affects those around them.

The webinar will provide actionable strategies, including how to:

  • Identify the various roles that allies play (e.g. advocate vs. sponsor), and reflect on the roles they play
  • Define the origins of bias and the four different types of bias
  • Define risk factors that increase our likelihood to engage in bias
  • Combat microaggressions using tried and true intervention methods, including asking questions, relying on basic human values, and organizational core values
  • Facilitate and participate in inclusive meetings by creating a code of conduct, starting every meeting with it, and ensuring all measures are taken to ensure inclusivity (accommodating disabilities, diverse speakers, etc.)
  • Identify resources for educating themselves on inclusive behaviors

The webinar is just one example of the resources Vector Solutions provides to support diversity and inclusion in K-12 schools. The company also offers a Diversity & Inclusion Program for K-12 teachers, school staff and high school students, as well as numerous courses in its staff safety and compliance library that touch on diversity and inclusion.

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