321 Insight Offers Curated Collection of Videos to Support Parents

Leading provider of online training adds video collection for parents and caregivers to provide assistance during remote learning

321 Insight, an organization empowering all school staff to meet the needs of today’s students, has curated a collection of videos from their ParaSharp Series to meet the needs of a new group of learners: parents. This series is intended to support parents and caregivers in their newfound roles of facilitating their children’s remote education, prompted by COVID-19.

Research has documented for many years the connection between parental engagement and student achievement. Nearly half of district administrators say that engaging parents in supporting student learning at home is an important tool in their arsenal to ensure that their students are well-prepared for the future. The parent-focused series aims to help parents manage stress so they’re better equipped to manage the at-home virtual learning experience.

Due to the unique school environment this year, 321 Insight gathered these videos to lend essential skills to parents, which will be available through a district-wide login. The Parent-Access account includes a video series that helps caregivers create structure in the learning environment, avoid power struggles, use interventions to support positive behavior, and teach and reinforce both academic and social emotional skills to students.

“321 Insight is so valuable for our staff and we are thrilled that some of the videos and resources can now be shared with parents,” said Sarah Crane, Ed.D., director, student services at Hillsboro School District. “We are a team working toward the same goal of supporting students; having similar terms and techniques helps us all do that even better.”

The topics covered in the Parent-Access account video series include:

• ‘Structure’
• ‘Pick Your Battles’
• ‘Prompting and Confronting’
• ‘Positive Reinforcers’
• ‘Teaching a Skill’

“We have seen our training series impact teachers and staff in creating a successful learning environment for children, and extending these videos to parents will further strengthen student support systems. The videos are immediately applicable and the skills can be used beyond the classroom (virtual or not),” said Dr. Will Henson, Psy.D, clinical director at 321 Insight.

321 Insight’s online professional development resources are designed by expert practitioners, and offer a flexible solution to educator training. The organization delivers cost-effective, easy-to implement solutions for training staff and increases their ability to support learners with diverse needs, including the ParaSharp Series for paraeducators and Trauma Informed Series for all school staff. To learn more about 321 Insight’s flexible training options, please visit

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