Let Grow’s Free School Programs Help Kids Develop Independence and Autonomy

The nonprofit organization has launched three free programs that encourage elementary and middle school students to become self-motivated problem solvers in their everyday lives. Let Grow, the nonprofit promoting childhood independence so kids grow up ready to succeed in the

Renaissance Releases Major Back-to-School Updates in Assessment, Instruction, and Practice to Empower Educators and Students

The global edtech leader’s Back-to-School product updates and resources will help school leaders provide data-driven instruction—no matter the environment. Renaissance, a global leader in pre-K–12 education technology, today announced major Back-to-School product updates and curated resources, ranging from the first

Flexible Learning Pathways for Every Student:
Q&A With Mitch Slater, CEO of Levered Learning

Mitch Slater was a classroom teacher and site administrator for 20 years before starting Levered. Mitch spent his teaching career focused on developing curricula and instructional strategies to more effectively support and challenge the diverse learners in his own classroom.